The Saskatoon Express delivers over 50,000 copies in Saskatoon and area, including over 100 retail locations
and newspaper boxes.

If you haven’t received a copy of the latest Saskatoon Express you can pick one up at one of the following
locations marked on the Pick Up a Copy Map



824 51st St. E Saskatoon 51st St. Shell
330 Silverwood Rd. Saskatoon Silverwood Confectionary
7 Assiniboine Dr. Saskatoon Canarama Shell
1740 Idylwild Dr. N Saskatoon Idylwild Shell
950 Spadina Cres. E Saskatoon Living Sky Cafe
1 - 323 Centennial Dr. S Martensville In N' Out Pizza *
309 33rd St. W Saskatoon Super Thrift Shop
1817 Edmonton Ave. Saskatoon Villa Royale
1809 Edmonton Ave. Saskatoon Villa Royale
1602 22nd St. W Saskatoon 22nd St. Shell
2505 Dawes Ave. Saskatoon Montgomery Shell
274 Willis Cres. Saskatoon Towne Place Suits
2325 Preston Ave. Saskatoon Market Mall (South Entrance)
2325 Preston Ave. Saskatoon Market Mall (West Entrance)
1101 Broadway Ave. Saskatoon Broadway Shell
1302 Temperance St. Saskatoon Brunskill Pharmacy
3330 8th St. E Saskatoon Acadia Shell
1828 McOrmond Dr. Saskatoon Attridge Shell
3130 8th St. E Saskatoon McNally Robinson
Commerce Saskatoon University of Saskatchewan
Education Saskatoon University of Saskatchewan
103 Hospital Dr Saskatoon Hospital
510 25th St Saskatoon Ywca
124 3rd Ave N Saskatoon Mulberrys Rest
475 2nd Ave. S Saskatoon Good Earth Coffee House
154 2nd Ave S Saskatoon Stacked Burger Barn
123 2nd Ave S Saskatoon La Prep Daily Fresh
202 2nd Ave S Saskatoon Pharmasave Drugs
Queen Street Saskatoon City Hospital
608 Spadina Cr E Saskatoon FreeHouse Rest.
924 Spadina Saskatoon Parktown Hotel
202 4th Ave N Saskatoon Tourism Stoon
102 Idylwyld Dr N Saskatoon Chianti's Rest.
904 22nd St W Saskatoon Granada House Rest.
1428 22nd St W Saskatoon Blue Diamond
2222 22nd St W Saskatoon A&W Rest
2410 22nd St W Saskatoon Cheese Toast
300 Confederation Dr Saskatoon Confed Mall Food Court
303 Confederation Dr Saskatoon Robins Donuts
15 Worobetz Pl Saskatoon Daisy's Rest
3030 Diefenbaker Dr Saskatoon Clarks Crossing
3000 Diefenbaker Dr Saskatoon Mr Sub
225 Betts Ave Saskatoon Walmart
3330 Fairlight Saskatoon Confederation Inn
1640 Ave P N Saskatoon Gorde Howe Park
1610 11th St W Saskatoon Verns Place
1702 20th St W Saskatoon ST Pauls Hospital
414 Ave B S Saskatoon Farmers Market
1520 Idylwyld Dr Saskatoon Main Lobby
1202 Idylwyld Dr Saskatoon Pharmasave
1620 Idylwyld Dr Saskatoon Sardinia Rest
1802 Idylwyld Dr Saskatoon Esso Rest
415 Circle Dr E Saskatoon Asian Buffet
2036 Quebec Saskatoon New Island Sushi
405 Circle Dr Saskatoon Humptys Rest
Lawson Mall Saskatoon Lawson Mall Food Court
Lawson Mall Saskatoon Smitty's Mall
51st E & Warman Saskatoon Independent Grocer
822 51st St E Saskatoon A&W Rest
402 51st E Saskatoon Petro Can
315 Marquis Saskatoon Husky Service Station
231 Marquis Saskatoon Motel 6
810 Circle Dr E Saskatoon Giant Tiger
810 Circle Dr E Saskatoon Grainfields Rest
702 Circle Dr E Saskatoon Smileys resturant
502 Circle Dr E Saskatoon Johnny Boys Rest
2001 Ave B N Saskatoon Crazy Eggs Rest
2001 Ave B N Saskatoon Riviera Inn
1607 Idlywld Dr Saskatoon A&W Rest
1904 Lorne Ave Saskatoon Pelican Market
Taylor St & Clarence Saskatoon Taco Time
1012 Taylor St Saskatoon Family Pizza
3005 Clarence Ave Saskatoon A&W Rest
302 Stoneridge Blvd Saskatoon Dairy Queen
3102 Clarence Ave S Saskatoon Quiznos
382 Cartwright St Saskatoon Willopws Golf and Country Club
2325 Preston Saskatoon Captians Den
2325 Preston Saskatoon Smitty's Rest
2929 Louise St Saskatoon Eastview Bowl
1820 8th St E Saskatoon Earth Bound
1115 Grosvenor Ave Saskatoon Jerry's Food Emporium
2508 8th St E Saskatoon Asian Bowl
2512 8th St E Saskatoon A&W Rest
2720 8th St E Saskatoon Cave Rest
3010 8th St E Saskatoon Bonanza
3510 8th St E Saskatoon Gramma Lee's
315 Herold Rd Saskatoon Independent Grocer
1215 Central Ave Saskatoon Pharmasave
415 115th St E Saskatoon ForestGrove Confectionary
1804 McOrmond Dr Saskatoon Kenderdine Medical Clinic
110 Nelson Rd Saskatoon Alice Turner Library
1731 Preston Ave Saskatoon Canadian Tire
1416 Central Ave Saskatoon Robins Donuts
2105 8th ST E Saskatoon Wolesale Club
2105 8th St E Saskatoon Grainfields Rest
1025 Louise Ave Saskatoon Gibsons Fish and Chips
1623 8th ST E Saskatoon Booster Juice
1301 8th ST E Saskatoon Doc Hollondaise Rest.
516 Clarence Ave Saskatoon Fresh Asian Market
1623 8th ST E Saskatoon Booster Juice
801 Broadway Ave Saskatoon Ninos Vangelina
814 Broadway Ave Saskatoon Broadway Café
310 22nd St W Saskatoon City Centre Bingo
3501 11th St W Saskatoon Gregg's Grocery Plus
3rd Ave S & 21st Street Saskatoon Free Pickup Newspaper Corral
3rd Ave N & 22nd Street Saskatoon Free Pickup Newspaper Corral
3501 11th Street W Saskatoon Greg's Grocery Plus
310 22nd Street W Saskatoon City Centre Bingo
614 Broadway Ave Saskatoon Broadway Roastery
2318 8th Street E Saskatoon Broadway Roastery
815 Gray Ave Saskatoon Broadway Roastery
1206 Emerson Ave Saskatoon Blood Donor Clinic
715 Centennial Dr S Martensville* Taco Time
711 Centennial Dr N Martensville* Dairy Queen
70 Centennial Dr N Martensville* Pharmasave
Centennial Dr N Martensville* Corner Store
520 Central St Warman* Super Value
* Not on the map