Someone Call LaPolice!


The top three men’s curling movies: 3. Lord of the Rings; 2. Rocky; 1. The Iceman curleth.

  • The Saskatchewan Roughriders hoped to draw Paul LaPolice away from Winnipeg to be their head coach, but the Bombers blocked the move. Call it an aborted LaPo-suction.
  • The upcoming CFL season will be Winnipeg’s 29th without a Grey Cup, the league’s longest championship drought. Maybe those helmets should sport an L instead of a W?
  • One more sign my wife has been watching too much NFL. We couldn’t decide which theatre production to attend, so she emailed Tony Romo to ask what our next play would be. 
  • Temperatures in Winnipeg recently dropped to -40. It was so cold, it could even freeze the seat that Lakers coach Luke Walton is on.
  • Saints coach Sean Payton said after losing the NFC championship he sat in his room for three days watching Netflix and eating ice cream. Gosh, he makes that sound like a bad thing. 
  • Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis got fined $50,000 by the NBA for his public trade request. Tsk. There’s seven minutes salary he’ll never get back.
  • Is anyone surprised the Clemson Tigers got a fast-food feast at the White House? Ever since Trump took office he’s been serving up whoppers.
  • An ESPN football guru predicted Tom Brady would “finally get a Super Bowl ring for his other hand.” And I’m thinking he’d salute us with it on his middle finger.
  • My family physician gave me one of those kits to check the health of my digestive tract. Or as they say in sports — it’s gut-check time.
  • According to Wikipedia, Duke basketball sensation Zion Williamson — 6 feet 7 inches tall and 285 pounds — is a small forward. I’d hate to see a big one.

RJ’s Punalty Box

If you’re an L.A. Ram, do you say please and thank ewe?