First Nations Inspiration


It was inspiring to see Brady Keeper, a Cree from Cross Lake, Manitoba, make his NHL debut with the Panthers. And no, Keeper isn’t a goalkeeper, but he looks like a real keeper.

• NBC added Danica Patrick to their Indy 500 coverage to “tap into her years of racing  experience.” Oh, great — she’ll drop out of the broadcast before the midway mark.

• The Roughriders nixed a possible NFL preseason game at Mosaic stadium with Oakland as the “home team.” Note to the Raiders: adding an “A” to Riders doesn’t make you Saskatchewan’s home team.”

• The defending NHL champion Washington Capitals and their captain Alex Ovechkin visited the White House. Afterwards, President Trump denied any involvement with the Russian.

• MLB superstar Mike Trout went 26th in the 2009 draft, six spots after the Blue Jays chose Chad Jenkins 20th. That’s right, Trout — talk about the one that got away! 

• San Jose’s 5-4 loss to the Blackhawks was their seventh defeat in a row. It’s nice to see the Sharks already in playoff form.

• Sports Illustrated posted five swimsuits GIFs titled “Why We Love Genie Bouchard.” Revealing? Let’s just say she shows a lot more there than she does on a tennis court.

• The tech geek who runs my online NHL-playoff pool keeps pestering me about security by sending endless notifications. Or should I say nerdifications?

• The NY Times reports scientists want more study into a rare genetic mutation that keeps Jo Cameron, 71, from feeling any pain or anxiety. Her next big test — Knicks season tickets.

• A South African rescue sow named Pigcasso reportedly creates paintings which sell for up to $4,000. Not sure I like her work — then again, I don’t have a degree in swine arts.

• Phillies fans booed hot-shot acquisition Bryce Harper on Opening Day after his second strikeout. Are we surprised folks in Philadelphia booed a famous guy wearing red and white?

• Trailblazers centre Jusuf Nurkić’s dad is reportedly a 400-pound Bosnian policeman. You wouldn’t want to run into that cop after committing a lane violation.

• said Washington “played coy” on the status of injured QB Alex Smith and backup Colt McCoy for 2019. Not sure about playing coy, but I can see them playing McCoy.

• Red Sox paper-thin ace Chris Sale says he comes from “a long line of tall, skinny people.” Skinny doesn’t cover it: if he stuck out his tongue, you’d think he was a zipper.

RJ’s Punalty Box

Jay Gruden said Washington QB Colt McCoy “drinks a gallon of milk every day … straight from the teat.”  And he’s the coach, so he udder know.