Don’t Cheap Out On Nail Clippers


Dear Reena,

 I am tired of purchasing cheap toenail clippers that don’t work properly. Please advise me on how to properly choose a good pair of clippers. — Glenda

Dear Glenda,

When it comes to nail clippers, price is a factor for quality. Choose clippers that are $10 or more. It might sound like a lot, but chances are you will never again need to purchase them. Whenever possible, hold clippers before buying. The clippers should be easy to grip, preferably with dual finger design, open and close with little effort and display the word ‘rustproof’ on the packaging. A variety of nail clippers are specifically designed for those suffering with arthritis and another design for infants. Some clippers have an adjustable handle suitable for infants and adults.

Dear Reena,

Can you please provide me with a delicious recipe for homemade Caesar salad dressing? — Ben

Dear Ben,

Into a bowl combine the following ingredients: Two minced garlic cloves, one tsp. anchovy paste (optional), two tbsp. lemon juice (fresh or bottled), one tsp. Dijon mustard, one tsp. Worcestershire sauce, one cup mayonnaise, half a cup grated parmesan cheese, one quarter tsp. salt, one quarter tsp. pepper. Add more salt to taste. Store in fridge for up to two weeks.

Dear Reena,

Is it possible to safely put a small discoloured lamp shade in the dishwasher? I like the lamp and can’t find a new shade that fits. — Kate

Dear Kate,

The care of the lampshade depends on the textile. A glass lampshade, for example, may clean well on the top rack of the dishwasher. Use vinegar only instead of dishwasher detergent because the bleach in detergent may discolour the lampshade. Most fabric lampshades may be vacuumed or cleaned using a lint roller. Use your bathtub to care for washable lampshades. That way you can monitor any discoloration.

Feedback from a Contributor

Re: Stuck Jar Lid

A reader asked you about easy ways to open a stuck jar lid. A colleague of mine passed along this tip which has rarely failed me. Place a wide rubber band (the kind mail carriers use or the ones that hold veggies like asparagus in bundles) around the lid and then try to unscrew it. Works almost every time. — Colette

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