Kim Coates Goes To Bat For Canadians


Saskatoon-born-and-raised actor Kim Coates is proud to be from here and proud to be a Canadian. He recently went after American blowhard U.S. sports commentator Colin Cowherd in a tweet. “This big shot just called Canada soft. Hey bigshot, with or without skates on I’ll f—— knock you out tough guy. Watch your mouth. You want to call the Raptors soft, go ahead, but keep your generalizations to yourself. Punk.”

• To belabour the point, I find it stunning that Auston Matthews is minus-8. Connor McDavid, who plays on a
dreadful team — as you all know — is plus-3. 

• Steve Simmons, a Postmedia columnist and Leafs fan, actually thought Fredrik Andersen was a Vezina Trophy candidate. 

• Simmons calls John Tavares “Johnny Canada.” Tavares deserved everything he got from Islanders fans for the way he left the team. Imagine what a couple of high draft picks could have done for them.

• Torben Rolfsen, on the Carolina Hurricanes ending their post-game Storm Surge celebrations: “Trump said, ‘See, I told you climate change was fake news.’”

• Janice Hough, on the NBA Wizards firing team president Ernie Grunfeld: “So it is possible to fire a president in Washington.”

• Alex Kaseberg, on Nikki Sixx saying Motley Crue will never be allowed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame due to their bad behaviour “If they kept out everyone who had sex and did drugs, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would be as empty as a Mensa meeting at the White House.”

• We aren’t going to hear Buck Martinez say “get up ball” too often this year. As an aside, those purchasing the MLB television package can watch Jays games with the other team’s announcers. 

• Buck seems to confuse baseball players with horses. He recently said one Jays newcomer has good bloodlines.

• How will the Garrett Sparks era in Toronto be remembered? 

• From 1969 Hockey Tweets: “All fights weren’t on the ice in Thursday’s St. Louis-Philadelphia game. Apparently Flyers owner Bill Putnam threatened to punch out Blues coach Scotty Bowman during an argument under the stands during the first intermission. No other details of the spat were available.”

• Hough, on Spurs coach Gregg Popovich being ejected 63 seconds into a game in Denver; a game which the Nuggets won 113-85: “Sounds like Pop knew to get out while the getting was good.”

• From a St. Louis Cardinals announcer: “Paul Goldschmidt’s balls (are) in play tonight.” Were they ever; he hit three home runs in the game.

• The arrogant Josh Donaldson, after being asked what he brings to the Braves lineup: “Have you ever looked at the back of my baseball card? That’s what I bring.”

• Hough, on Lakers owner Jeanie Buss not answering a question about Luke Walton’s future with the team: “Has LeBron taken down yet another coach?”

• Rolfsen, on the San Antonio Spurs having an emotional jersey retirement ceremony for Manu Ginobili: “Instead of raising it to the rafters, they had it laid into the floor.”

• If you like Aaron Rodgers, don’t read the story about him in Bleacher Report. The guy is an absolute jerk. 

• Rolfsen, on Kevin Pillar being traded from Toronto to San Francisco. “Trump is trying to get Giants games banned from MLB’s Spanish-language broadcast schedule, so no one can observe Pillar’s wall-scaling technique.”