Pillar a Pillar of Strength for Giants


TSN’s Darren Dreger, on a day in his home province: “Prairie Canadian experience this afternoon in Regina: In a taxi leaving the hotel for the airport when the driver makes a hard right and says, ‘Mind if I get a quick coffee?’”

• Something Janice Hough never thought she would say: “Where would the Giants be without Kevin Pillar?”

• TSN commentator Ray Ferraro, on the NHL draft lottery: “I’ve heard different media all over talking about potential picks for their teams. I’ve heard ‘generational player’ a lot when describing players. In my opinion, generational means once in a generation. That’s Connor McDavid.”

• From Torben Rolfsen: “Didn’t watch WrestleMania, but I assume Trump was the referee.”

• I am close to saying I’d rather have Mitch Marner on my team than Auston Matthews. Actually I am going to say it. I’d rather have Mitch Marner on my team than Auston Matthews. There are the obvious hockey skills and the so-called intangibles. 

• From comedy writer Alex Kaseberg: “In Florida, a man was released from prison and stole a car from the prison parking lot. He claims he did not want to be late for his parole meeting.”

• From Rolfsen: “If you have former NHL MVP Taylor Hall on your roster, one thing is certain: you’ll finish out of the playoffs with a very high draft pick every year.”

• I feel badly for Chris Davis, who has zero hits in his last 61 plate appearances. And that’s no joke. A baseball researcher pointed out that Ichiro once had a streak of 33 hits in 61 plate appearances.

• A man suspected of poaching rhinos, gets killed by elephants and eaten by lions. I’d say that’s a good day. 

• From Montreal columnist Jack Todd: “Bob Cole is a classy man. He might have had the best pipes in the business. But he also butchered names or simply didn’t bother to try. No, the king of hockey broadcasting was Danny Gallivan. Danny and Dick Irvin were the best combo. Not even close.”

• I agree with Steve Simmons, a Postmedia columnist who cheers for the Leafs while covering them: “We take this moment away from hockey playoffs to offer this piece of advice to the Blue Jays: It’s Vladdy time.”

• Rolfsen, on three NHL head coaches being fired as the season wound down: “Teams were firing pink slips out of t-shirt cannons.”

• Wouldn’t it be wise of the Edmonton Oilers to give Steve Yzerman a blank cheque?

• From Hough: “I’m so old I remember when the Clippers were Los Angeles’s dysfunctional NBA franchise.”

• It is believed the Maple Leafs have the biggest, or certainly one of the biggest, front offices in the NHL. Ed Willes of the Vancouver Province did the math, and here’s what he came up with: a six-person analytics department, seven people in player development, 22 scouts and three community representatives. And, as Willes points out, it wouldn’t have taken the advice of 22 scouts for him to pick Matthews.

• From Rolfsen: “Magic lived up to his name — by disappearing.”