Sneak Peek Reporters Get Tour Of Children’s Hospital

There are rooms designed to provide families with a space to spend time together outside of the patient rooms. The rooms will be furnished and include a fridge, microwave and sleep rooms. (Photos by Cam Hutchinson)


Even that word doesn’t do the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital justice. It is an incredible facility, decorated with its young patients and their families in mind. Hopefully the photos on this page, taken during a media tour, capture at least some of the flavour of the facility.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority provided background information on the project. Here is a selection of items from it.

• Graham Construction handed over the keys to the hospital last week.

• A total of 1.6 million hours of construction work went into the building.

• More than 77,000 pieces of equipment and furniture must now be moved in.

• Recruitment is on track for pediatric specialists to staff the facility. About 60 pediatric specialists and sub-specialists and surgeons have been recruited and are working in Saskatoon. 

• The Saskatchewan Health Authority wants to recruit 12 more. The hospital will ultimately have 72 full-time physicians in more than 20 specialties.

• Training and orientation of more than 2,400 staff, in addition to physicians, will take place in coming months.

• The total capital cost for the hospital was $285.9 million, which included $257.6 million from the province and $28.3 million from the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation. 

• The foundation has also raised more than $75 million for equipment and furnishings.

• The 176-bed hospital will open this fall.