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Monday, March 30, 2020

Elaine Hnatyshyn

Elaine Hnatyshyn

With Organics, City Putting the Cart Before the Horse

One of the most common questions I hear about council and city hall is, “Does anyone there know what they are doing?”...

Councillors Tied to Political Parties

A couple of weeks ago, former MLA Rob Norris publicly pondered whether to enter the mayoral race in 2020.  

It’s Time to Learn From Notre Dame de Paris Fire

It is Monday and I have watched with profound sadness the destruction by fire of Notre Dame de Paris cathedral.  

Hard to Fathom Parents Opting Out of Vaccinations

A while back, I was asked if during my tenure with the public school board there was an issue about non-immunized children...

Remai Gallery Too ‘Modern’ For Us Prairie Folk

Former Remai Modern CEO Gregory Burke recently penned his own professional eulogy, published in the StarPhoenix. He didn’t hesitate...

Trudeau, Clark Budgets in a League on Their Own?

I feel like I am trapped in an interactive show produced and directed by, and starring, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and featuring...

Admissions Fraud About Using Children as Status Symbols

Every parent lives, or has lived, with kids that badger them for brand name goods, citing that “all their friends” have whatever...

Canadians, Americans Handle Scandals Differently

On a cold winter day, fortified with a bowl of popcorn and tasty beverage, I nestled into an armchair and prepared to...

Remai Modern Resignations Don’t Paint a Pretty Picture

Up, down, blue, brown. So many weighty decisions.   It bears repeating that major civic facilities are built primarily...

Water, Water Everywhere and not a Drop Without Political Debate

I thought if the day came when Coun. Darren Hill became the beacon of light on council, that would be the day...

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