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Monday, March 18, 2019

Elaine Hnatyshyn

Elaine Hnatyshyn

Canadians, Americans Handle Scandals Differently

On a cold winter day, fortified with a bowl of popcorn and tasty beverage, I nestled into an armchair and prepared to...

Remai Modern Resignations Don’t Paint a Pretty Picture

Up, down, blue, brown. So many weighty decisions.   It bears repeating that major civic facilities are built primarily...

Water, Water Everywhere and not a Drop Without Political Debate

I thought if the day came when Coun. Darren Hill became the beacon of light on council, that would be the day...

There is No Accounting For Stupidity

Wanted: Dead or Alive. There is no statute of limitations on acts of stupidity committed by iconic historical figures or errant students.

Are Council’s Decisions Made With Re-election In Mind?

Well, the truth is out. Coun. Darren Hill rescinded his vote last December for a waste management utility and...

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