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Monday, March 18, 2019

Joanne Paulson

Survey Says Most Of My Friends Are Real

I was a pretty hot commodity on Twitter last week.  Well, by my mini unimportant standards, sure; but I...

Dark Clouds Over Ottawa; It’s Chilly at the Remai

I suppose there’s little point in complaining about the weather, whether it’s the recent deep freeze in Saskatoon or the storm twisting...

Bohemian Rhapsody Brings Back Good, Sad Memories

As always, I was late to the party.   The cinemas lost me, possibly forever, when I endured nearly three...

I’m Concerned About SNC-Lavalin Debacle, and the Riders

I should probably be more concerned with the extremely strange SNC-Lavalin mess in Ottawa than with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and our quarterbacking...

Ed Mendez Takes on General Manager’s Role at GTNT

Ed Mendez has become a fixture of the Saskatoon theatrical community over the last 10 years, doing everything from swordfighting to sketch...

With Uber, Another Piece of the Future Has Landed

On the day ride-hailing service Uber officially came to Saskatoon, which was last Tuesday, I was slated to meet a distant (but...

This is Definitely a Case Where We Should Tax the Rich

The Globe and Mail recently reported that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lambasted big Internet companies for “harming the democratic process” and “generating hefty profits...

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