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Monday, March 30, 2020

Joanne Paulson

I’m Even More Scared of Pigeons Than Their Poop

I always had a feeling those pigeons were up to no good. The extent of that not-goodness, however, amazed even me, non-lover...

Sculptor’s Art Comes In Many Forms

Two tiny bronze works of art are carefully placed on large round stones in Zoltan Markan’s sculpture garden.  That’s...

Fourth Ave. Bike Lane Didn’t Make Sense

There are two things I have not understood from the hop regarding bike lanes and rapid transit. I’ll begin...

Will April Winds Bring May Drought?

Did you know the relative humidity in the Sahara Desert is approximately 25 per cent? That’s 12 per cent...

Federal Gov’t Finally Gets One Thing Right

I've had a few sharp words for the Justin Trudeau government on several recent occasions, but a week ago Friday was not...

Study Proves It: Yes, You Do Look Like Your Dog

I was in my customary spot at the kitchen window, gazing brainlessly at the world going by (a fairly sparse activity, on...

One Of Those Weeks When Everything Went Wrong

I’ve had a most entertaining week and a half. If I said, “it all began with a root canal,”...

Airport CEO Has a Passion For Aviation

Saskatoon’s John G. Diefenbaker International Airport, also dubbed SKYXE (Sky-ex-ee), has seen many changes in the last several years. 

We Saskatchewan People Are Arts and Culture Friendly, and Numbers Back It Up

Did you know that more than half of the million-plus folks who live in Saskatchewan create art? Doesn’t that...

Budget Targets Young Would-Be Homeowners

I recently chatted with a successful and well-known real estate agent who told me something I knew, but didn’t know.

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