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Monday, April 6, 2020

Ken Noskye

Ken Noskye

I’ve Been Trying to Avoid Pain Medications

The opioid epidemic, which has taken too many lives, is now creating another crisis. For the last 10 years, I have been...

Mother’s Stories Came From a Humorous Place

She had the best sense of humour; a laughter that hung on the air and went viral throughout the room.

Elders Maintain Crucial Link to Language and Knowledge

The recent passing of elder Noel Starblanket represents more than losing a respected elder, political leader or advocate of Indigenous traditional ways.

Relationship with RCMP has Changed on Reserve

It finally happened.  After a long and bitter winter, spring has arrived. Now I can return to my walk along...

Young People Have and Are Taking Opportunities to Excel

They are the future of the Cree Nation, I say to myself when I see a group of young Indigenous people.

Laughter is a Big Part of Indigenous Culture

Sometimes I think April Fool’s Day was created just for me.  There’s nothing funnier than a good practical joke,...

Finally, Miyoskamin Replaces The Moon of the Popping Tree

It’s the end of The Moon of the Popping Tree. There’s a Lakota legend of the winter being so frigid a person can...

Taking On The Man And Winning

The first time I felt threatened by “The Man” came when the government started to legislate motorcycle helmet laws. 

Indigenous Stories Told with Humour

There is one area that doesn’t get much attention in the writing world. Indigenous short stories are generally stories...

Playing Hockey the Old-fashioned Way

There’s a duck pond hockey tournament held on my reserve every year. Even though we have a hockey arena,...

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