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Monday, March 18, 2019

Tammy Robert

Tammy Robert

Bike Lanes Not a Good Use Of Taxpayers’ Dollars

I’m going to make myself deeply unpopular with a very vocal Saskatoon demographic — cyclists — but that’s OK. We need to...

It’s Better For Tories if Trudeau Remains PM

Despite what they want you to believe, the worst thing that could happen to Andrew Scheer right now is the resignation of...

Judges Got It Wrong in Saskatoon and Regina Cases

What happened in a Saskatoon courtroom last week was nothing short of appalling.  It was a sentencing hearing for...

Province’s Backslapping Over Uber a Bit Much

With no shortage of political fanfare, the ride-sharing service Uber was launched outside Saskatoon City Hall on a frigid day (aren’t they...

Is There Really a Need to Travel with Backpacks?

When I was in my twenties, I travelled around Europe. After living in England for a few years and before I returned to Canada,...

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