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Monday, March 18, 2019

Survey Says Most Of My Friends Are Real

I was a pretty hot commodity on Twitter last week.  Well, by my mini unimportant standards, sure; but I...

Remai Modern Resignations Don’t Paint a Pretty Picture

Up, down, blue, brown. So many weighty decisions.   It bears repeating that major civic facilities are built primarily...

Dark Clouds Over Ottawa; It’s Chilly at the Remai

I suppose there’s little point in complaining about the weather, whether it’s the recent deep freeze in Saskatoon or the storm twisting...

It’s Better For Tories if Trudeau Remains PM

Despite what they want you to believe, the worst thing that could happen to Andrew Scheer right now is the resignation of...

Taking On The Man And Winning

The first time I felt threatened by “The Man” came when the government started to legislate motorcycle helmet laws. 

Twitter Offers a Smorgasbord of Slights, Delights

When I joined Twitter in 2009, it was to try to write jokes in 140 characters with folks such as RJ Currie....

Judges Got It Wrong in Saskatoon and Regina Cases

What happened in a Saskatoon courtroom last week was nothing short of appalling.  It was a sentencing hearing for...

Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Some time ago, when the world seemed to be a more ordered place, there was a proliferation of magazines aimed at the...

Province’s Backslapping Over Uber a Bit Much

With no shortage of political fanfare, the ride-sharing service Uber was launched outside Saskatoon City Hall on a frigid day (aren’t they...

There is No Accounting For Stupidity

Wanted: Dead or Alive. There is no statute of limitations on acts of stupidity committed by iconic historical figures or errant students.

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