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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Cheese Cake Needs More Than Jiggle Test

Dear Reena, I baked a cheesecake for friends last weekend. I thought the cake was thoroughly baked because the...

With Organics, City Putting the Cart Before the Horse

One of the most common questions I hear about council and city hall is, “Does anyone there know what they are doing?”...

There is No Accounting For Stupidity

Wanted: Dead or Alive. There is no statute of limitations on acts of stupidity committed by iconic historical figures or errant students.

Weyburn Council’s Decision On Group Home Infuriating

One morning last week I did something I don’t normally do — I wrote an angry letter. Usually I...

Relationship with RCMP has Changed on Reserve

It finally happened.  After a long and bitter winter, spring has arrived. Now I can return to my walk along...

Councillors Tied to Political Parties

A couple of weeks ago, former MLA Rob Norris publicly pondered whether to enter the mayoral race in 2020.  

Celebrity Deaths Have an Impact on Us Mere Mortals

A person on Twitter asked whose “celebrity” deaths affected his followers most. These are the “I can’t believe she/he is gone” people.

Don’t Cheap Out On Nail Clippers

Dear Reena,  I am tired of purchasing cheap toenail clippers that don’t work properly. Please advise me on how...

Trudeau, Clark Budgets in a League on Their Own?

I feel like I am trapped in an interactive show produced and directed by, and starring, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and featuring...

Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Some time ago, when the world seemed to be a more ordered place, there was a proliferation of magazines aimed at the...

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