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Monday, March 30, 2020

Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Some time ago, when the world seemed to be a more ordered place, there was a proliferation of magazines aimed at the...

Province’s Backslapping Over Uber a Bit Much

With no shortage of political fanfare, the ride-sharing service Uber was launched outside Saskatoon City Hall on a frigid day (aren’t they...

There is No Accounting For Stupidity

Wanted: Dead or Alive. There is no statute of limitations on acts of stupidity committed by iconic historical figures or errant students.

Celebrity Deaths Have an Impact on Us Mere Mortals

A person on Twitter asked whose “celebrity” deaths affected his followers most. These are the “I can’t believe she/he is gone” people.

Playing Hockey the Old-fashioned Way

There’s a duck pond hockey tournament held on my reserve every year. Even though we have a hockey arena,...

This is Definitely a Case Where We Should Tax the Rich

The Globe and Mail recently reported that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lambasted big Internet companies for “harming the democratic process” and “generating hefty profits...

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