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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Dogs’ Breakfast Honours ’89 Riders, Huskie Recruits

November 1989 was a good year for Saskatchewan football fans. It started in the middle of the month with the U of S...

Valentines and a Rose

The top three things I enjoy on ice: 3. NHL Hockey; 2. Grand Slam Curling; 1. Scotch. I sent...

Rider Priders

At first glance, the Arizona Coyotes and Saskatchewan Roughriders seem to go together like cats and dogs. You know, different sports, wildly different climates, thousands...

Skijoring: Event Combines Skiers/Boarders With Horses

There is a new sports event with a cool name coming to the Saskatoon area.  It’s called skijoring. 

March Madness: Saskatoon Player Makes the Grade

Adam Huffman knows Jashon Henry better than almost anyone. He coached the Saskatoon player on Saskatchewan’s under-16 basketball team and the next...

Texan Sniper It’s fun, Games and Goals for Blades Star

When Max Gerlach’s playing days wrap up with the Saskatoon Blades, there will be one less microphone popping into media scrums.

Davidson Laying It on the Line For Blades

Dawson Davidson has seen the upside of the Western Hockey League, and he hopes to exit major junior hockey on another high note. The overage...

Visit the Snake Pit for a Rattlers Game

Professional basketball in Saskatoon has never looked better than it did last Thursday.  That is stretching my memory though....

Catriona Le May Doan Canada Games Go Full Circle For Speedskating Star

Catriona Le May Doan has multiple reasons for her unbridled joy and excitement for the Canada Games. She has...

Wanna Buy a Pigcasso?

Which fell hardest when Duke sensation Zion Williamson’s court shoe exploded? a) Williamson’s butt to the floor? b) Duke fans’ hopes? c)...

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