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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Skijoring: Event Combines Skiers/Boarders With Horses

There is a new sports event with a cool name coming to the Saskatoon area.  It’s called skijoring. 

Marc Habscheid Dream Season With Blades Close To His Heart

For Marc Habscheid, it was a season where everything seemed possible. Long before he was the head coach of the WHL’s Prince Albert...

‘Uncle Gary’ Becomes Mainstay With Blades

The “Uncle Gary” moniker is taking on a life of its own. Gary Haden came to the Saskatoon Blades looking for a new...

Friends Become Foes at This Week’s Brier

Steve Laycock’s 2016 Tim Hortons Brier team is returning to The Show. There is a difference though. The four members of the...
Bob Adams

Bob Adams: A Life-long Commitment To Track And Field

Bob Adams was a good ole country boy — but a very inventive and imaginative one — who parlayed his skills and...

I’m Concerned About SNC-Lavalin Debacle, and the Riders

I should probably be more concerned with the extremely strange SNC-Lavalin mess in Ottawa than with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and our quarterbacking...

Derek Hulak: Perseverance Key to Long Hockey Journey

Almost every minor hockey player’s dream is to play professional hockey. For former Saskatoon native Derek Hulak, the dream of playing pro...

Valentines and a Rose

The top three things I enjoy on ice: 3. NHL Hockey; 2. Grand Slam Curling; 1. Scotch. I sent...

Will Matthews be a da Vinci, or a Stickman?

TC Chong, on several Patriots saying they will not go with the team if invited to the White House: “Brady dodged that...

Vonn and Mourinho Hit the Ice

My top three recent upgrades in television: 3. High definition; 2. Giant screens; 1. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. What...

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