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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

1989 Riders to Be Honoured at Dogs’ Breakfast

The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Dogs’ Breakfast will honour the 1989 Saskatchewan Roughriders. That was the year the team won its...

Someone Call LaPolice!

The top three men’s curling movies: 3. Lord of the Rings; 2. Rocky; 1. The Iceman curleth. The Saskatchewan...

Rider Priders

At first glance, the Arizona Coyotes and Saskatchewan Roughriders seem to go together like cats and dogs. You know, different sports, wildly different climates, thousands...

Davidson Laying It on the Line For Blades

Dawson Davidson has seen the upside of the Western Hockey League, and he hopes to exit major junior hockey on another high note. The overage...

Sherritt’s Twitter Profile Missing Eight Years

Janice Hough, on 17 cars catching fire on the roof of a garage at Newark Airport: “I hope the airport at least...

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