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Paralympian Samantha Ryan will be the guest speaker at the Choc’laCure Gala
on Nov. 4. For more on Samantha and the gala, please see Page 12. (Photo Supplied)
Rodeo association took us for a ride

Do you get the feeling we were played by the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association (CPRA)?
In July, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the City of Saskatoon and the CPRA to have the Canadian Finals Rodeo held here from 2017 to 2019.
Last week it was announced the rodeo would be staying put in Edmonton. Having the rodeo in Saskatoon would have been a big, big deal in terms of prestige and tourism dollars. While a contract with Saskatoon was never formally signed, it seemed to be a minor detail.
It became apparent last week that negotiations with Edmonton were taking place behind the scenes, with the announcement blindsiding Tourism Saskatoon.


No air miles for me. Just a lawn mower

Air Miles, the so-called “travel and more” loyalty program, needs a new name.
Air Miles, my foot. Correct me if I am wrong, but does the company’s name not suggest, just saying, travelling by air? As in, in airplanes?
I signed up for Air Miles a heck of a long time ago, hoping that this would help us afford flying to other places, and I wasn’t thinking the Cayman Islands or Egypt. I was thinking maybe Winnipeg, whence we travel frequently and recently even more so, or even B.C. or Calgary, to visit close friends and family.
Too much to ask? Apparently so.
Yes, OK, I am aware that some people manage to find flights paid for largely by Air Miles (taxes not included!)

Randy Smith
Hall of Fame induction icing on his hockey career

Saskatoon’s Randy Smith has represented Canada at six international hockey championships and won medals in five of them.
He shared in the bronze-medal success at the 1990 Goodwill Games in Seattle and Tacoma. He gained a silver medal at the 1990 Spengler Cup in Davos, Switzerland. He won gold at the 1991 World University Games in Sapporo, Japan. He earned silver at the 1991 world championships in Prague, Czechoslovakia. He came home empty-handed from the 1992 world championships held in Finland.
The ultimate reward, reflecting the hard work, dedication, intensity and the level of patriotic fervour, came from taking the silver medal at the 1992 Olympic Games in Albertville, France.
“We were in a scoreless tie after two periods of the gold-medal game against the Unified team.

Time for the NDP to shelve outdated ideas

It is impossible for any government to function healthily and democratically without effective opposition. It’s just the way it is.
On that fateful night, back in 2011, when the then Dwain Lingenfelter-led Saskatchewan NDP were reduced to a pile of rubble, out of which a paltry nine MLAs emerged as our province’s official Opposition, I tweeted something along the lines of “meet your new Opposition: the Saskatchewan media corps.”
I rarely ever get to say this, but I was right. Saskatchewan reporters, despite working with fewer and fewer resources as cuts reverberate across the journalism industry, have done a great job doing their best to help keep this government accountable.
Today, there are 10 Saskatchewan NDP MLAs. Each one is forced to juggle multiple critic portfolios, on razor-thin budgets that don’t allow for nearly enough of the research and preparation necessary to hold our monolithic Sask. Party government to task.

Where on Earth were the candidates in this election?

As of the date I write this, not one mayoral candidate has knocked on my door, and with the exception of a card received with my mail from Don Atchison today, I have not received any print information from the other three.
Of the six councillor candidates in my ward, only two have bothered to leave information cards. As I have been house bound for the last three weeks, it is not a matter of anyone calling while I was out. Perhaps I just have a big, black X beside my name and they bypass my house, or maybe my vote has little value to these folks.
But I had questions, more so for incumbents than fresh candidates.
Although the matter of the Remai Modern Art Gallery (RMAG) has been beaten to near death, I still want incumbents to explain to me why they spent $106 million on this project (and if my sources are accurate there are more cost overruns to come.)


Lorne Figley
The world’s oldest working plumber

Tricia Koob wanted to give her father something special for Christmas last year.
Socks just wouldn’t cut it, so she decided to give him what any dad would want — a Guinness World Record. The gift wasn’t under the tree, given the length of the process to become a record holder, but the groundwork was being laid for Lorne Figley to be recognized as the world’s oldest working plumber.
The 92-year-old Saskatonian now has that distinction. Figley’s trip to the world record began in 1951 when he opened Broadway Heating Ltd. with three partners. The business has been operating ever since. That’s 65 years, folks.
His career in the trades began soon after serving in the Second World War. He completed a sheet metal apprenticeship in 1947. After opening Broadway Heating, he earned Red Seal (journeyman) certification in steam fitting/pipefitting, plumbing, refrigeration and air conditioning. He was getting those journeyman tickets into the early 1970s.