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Monday, July 22, 2019

Saskatoon Neighbourhood Express had a rich history in our city and it was purchased by a group of newspaper people, who revamped it into the Saskatoon Express. Former Star Phoenix Publisher Dale Brin saw the need for a truly local community newspaper in Saskatoon, and jumped at the chance to purchase the old Neighbourhood Express.

Cam Hutchinson, who has spent more than 30 years as a journalist in Saskatoon, is the editor of the Express.

“We are local, local, local,” Brin said. “Cam knows the community and what stories, columns and features will interest, inform and entertain our readers.’’ Saskatoon journalist Ned Powers is a weekly contributor.

James Weinmaster, Key Accounts and Special Features Manager, along with sales staff Aaron Shutra, Carol Trapp, and Tammy Arnason, bring years of experience and unrivalled customer service to the sales team.

Dan Senick joined the Express team in early 2017 as the Newspaper’s General Manager.

Saskatoon Express is delivered by our own delivery force using a targeted distribution system to over 45,000 homes in Saskatoon with household incomes of $60,000/year and an average age of 40+. We also deliver an additional 3100 copies to strategic newsstand and restaurant locations throughout the city.

In our recent Insightrix readership survey, 60.5% of males and 68.7% of females read The Express weekly, over 70% keep our paper in the house for more than two days, 56% of the homes that we deliver to have more than one reader of the Express. We’re local, and we’re well read!

Dale Brin


Cam Hutchinson


Dan Senick

General Manager

James Weinmaster

Key Accounts & Special Features

Carol Trapp

Advertising Consultant

Tammy Arnashon

Advertising Consultant

Aaron Shutra

Advertising Consultant

Brenda Tait


Tanya Morozova

Production Coordinator

Joanne Paulson


Ned Powers


Ken Noskye